West Memphis 3 Plea Deal Poll

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  1. If you haven’t heard of the West Memphis Three or the Alford plea, check out this clip in which a judge and attorney help to clarify just what this legal strategy entails: Alford plea explained. Be forewarned if you delve into the details of the original 1994 case; the murders in question are quite disturbing.

  2. I’ve heard of this! I think that allowing the Alford plea is a confession by the legal system that the system is flawed. If we were to believe that the guilty are convicted and the innocent go free, then all that should be necessary for the innocent is a plea of “not guilty”. In theory, the burden of evidence is on the prosecutor, and they should not be able to prove a defendant guilty, if the defendant is innocent. Of course, in practice, innocent people are sometimes convicted; merely because they failed to prove their innocence (even though they shouldn’t have to). Therefore, the Alford plea is necessary in our flawed legal system, especially if an innocent convict plans to appeal at a later date, maybe when more evidence is available to “prove his innocence”.

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