Useful Websites

Whether you need to access a particular case for an upcoming class discussion or register to take the LSAT, you are likely to find the resource you need on one of the following helpful websites: – The Law School Admission Council website. Every prospective JD student will need to create an account on this website sooner or later, not only for the LSAT registration and Credential Assembly Service necessary for law school admittance, but also because it’s just plain fun. – This site is an invaluable resource for looking up just about any state or federal law, as well as cases associated with them. In addition to these cases, FindLaw provides access to summaries of published court opinions and other legal stuff. – The United States Supreme Court website, which offers access to decided cases as well as providing a docket of upcoming cases. – Considering competing in the famous (or infamous) JMPLS Supreme Court Trivia Competition? Then this website is a must. Created and maintained by the IIT-Chicago Kent College of Law, this database serves as a wealth of information on everything Supreme Court. – UTD’s pre-law advising website. Here you are able to set up an appointment for advising with one of our three great pre-law advisors, as well as pore over the academic and personal preparation suggestions they have prepared for your benefit. Last but definitely not least, this site provides access to the Legal Education Scholarship, an incredible opportunity for those pursuing pre-law. – Most future law school matriculants are certainly not preoccupied with silly things like rankings, but just in case you are, this site holds a U.S. News and World Report ranking of the top 100 law schools, their former rankings, and the 25th-75th percentiles for GPA and LSAT. Also to be found on this website are the rankings for third and fourth tier law schools. – The American Bar Association provides a myriad of beneficial pages on its site; this particular one supplies prospective law students with information on employment outlook, legal specialties, and editorials, among other things.

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